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Curtain Wall – Clackmannanshire, Scotland

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At Zyle Fenster, we believe there should be fewer limits to achieving your vision! Our curtain walls go further in enabling architects to create leading and innovative designs that literally transform clients’ lives. Whether incorporated into a modern contemporary new build or unlocking a period property, a Zyle Fenster curtain wall can reinvigorate a property by letting the natural daylight come flooding in. As these walls are typically non-structural and self-supporting, the architect can reinvent the space and light within rooms of all sizes.


Natural daylight makes a home lighter and brighter and gives the feeling of more space. If you want to flood a home with natural light then add a Zyle Fenster Timber Aluminium Curtain Wall and create an entire wall of glass. This will provide breath-taking views of the garden and surrounding countryside and will illuminate those awkward corners, neglected corridors and light-starved alcoves.


Often our curtain walls will extend over more than one storey and, with clever use of our unique minimal frame mullion and transom system, the architect has a free hand when deciding how best to divide this large glass area into adjacent units or panes. Keeping the frame sizes as small as possible maximises the pure glass areas, which both enhances the view and is also more thermal efficient.

See how the full extension across two storeys in a period property in Scotland has completely transformed this building. From the outside, the new curtain wall has added an elegance and majesty to its appearance. By combining sleek aluminium cladding with clearly visible wooden structural beams and columns, the architect has modernised the structure whilst preserving the integrity of the original construction.

From the inside, light floods into the recesses of the building on both floors. From the comfort of a leather armchair, the owner enjoys an unhindered view of the garden and the surrounding countryside in warmth and comfort all year round.


The addition of the Zyle Fenster entry door to this curtain wall design unites both the internal and external spaces into one cohesive space. This provides full insulation during the cold winter months and also allows the occupants to move seamlessly inside and outside during the warmer summer periods.