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Curtain Wall – Hamill, Scotland

Another stunning design where the owner, perhaps while sipping a Gin and Tonic on the terrace, can watch the ever-changing landscape reflected in the glass wall as the sun goes down.

From the inside, sitting warm and cosy in the sunken sofa area, the viewer is treated to a panoramic vista with three sides of glass and placed centre stage right into the spectacular landscape.

From dawn to dusk, the subtle sleek lines of the aluminium clad timber fuse the natural environment with contemporary design.



The Zyle Fenster Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls are available in the following options:

  • Timber Options – Laminated Scandinavian Pine, Larch, Oak
  • External Capping Options – PPC Aluminium capping, Wooden Capping, Bronze Capping;


Our Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls are available with almost the entire window & door product range allowing the most functional and personalised solutions including:

  • Inward opening Tilt & Turn windows
  • Passivhaus windows
  • Lift & Slide Sliding Doors
  • Front and French Doors
  • Incorporating Rooflights


Our systems come fully Factory Finished using PPC for the external aluminium capping and Sigma water-based paint or stain system for internal timber transoms and mullions. All items are cut to size in the Factory for ease of assembly onsite to ensure highest quality standards and finishes. Every project undergoes a preassembly stage at the factory before proceeding to the final finishing stages.


Technical Facts And Figures

  • Energy saving – Thermal insulation (incl. screw influence) – up to Um,t = 0.80 W/(m²K)
  • Water tightness RE1200
  • Wind load 1500Pa / 2250Pa
  • System width 50 / 56 / 76 / 96 mm
  • For timber profiles from 50 mm width
  • Infill thickness 10 to 64 mm
  • Glass weight 550/600 kg
  • Polygonal assembly up to 45°
  • Glass roof up to 2° inclination