In this more modern and contemporary structure, two buildings are joined together via a corridor that also incorporates a staircase. These could essentially have been two separate buildings but this would have created an unconscious barrier of having to walk outside to move from one building to the other. Similarly, the buildings could have been joined by a simple functional and traditional narrow corridor with white internal walls and artificial lighting, which would have been a huge compromise on the ethos of the project.

Instead, the space is totally transformed by two double-storey curtain walls placed on either side of the connecting “corridor”. The view from the outside is modern and radiant and completely fits into the design of the rest of the building. You can see right through the corridor to the green garden space beyond and, as the sun moves during the day, the transparent walls almost disappear into the greenery.

From the inside, you are completely shielded from the elements but the space appears vast and expansive and also floods the adjoining rooms with natural light. The two buildings have become one entity and so moving from one “building” to another has now become a simple step into a new room.


We particularly like the third, smaller curtain wall cleverly offset at right angles to the main two walls as it shows off the water feature in the back garden and brings that extra element inside.


The architect has created a huge space that pulls natural light into the two buildings, creates a perfect reception space for entertaining small parties and enables occupants to wander from one side of their home to another in perfect comfort.